Monday, March 22, 2010

A Short Move to Cornersville

Well, we are all set to get into Columbia in the morning for our service appointment.  This morning we moved from Goodlettsville south on I-65 about 75 miles.  The closest village is Cornersville, which can hardly be called a village at all.

The campground, Texas T, is good for a one-night stand.  There are about 40 sites, all pull-thrus.  The interior roads and parking pads are gravel and level.  The sites are spacious and some have a tree and most have a small row of hedge.  It is located just off I-65 so there is some traffic noise, but not too bad as there aren’t so many folks out on the road.  It is too far from a large city for there to be much traffic.

So many rigs have pulled in since we got here that the place is almost full.  We were about the only one when we got here except for the few long-term stays.  I can see where this would be one of those campgrounds used by snowbirds traveling north or south.  It is easily accessible from the interstate and the sites are long enough not to have to unhitch.  Perfect for one night.  It would actually be a nice campground for a longer stay, but it is too remote.  Columbia is the nearest town of any size and even it has precious little to offer the traveler.

It works for us because we can drive up to Columbia easily in the morning and not have to worry about getting into the Nashville rush hour traffic.

My cousin, Steve, and his family live near Columbia.  We invited them to have dinner with us tonight.  It was fun to have them all to ourselves.  We usually only get to see them at Thanksgiving. There are so many people we hardly have a chance to visit.  We enjoyed a quiet spaghetti dinner and got caught up with what is happening in each of our families.  In other words, we got all the latest family gossip.

Tomorrow is our service appointment and then we will be back here tomorrow night.

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