Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peaches to the Beaches

The rain has finally moved out of the area and the sun is shining through a large hole in the few remaining clouds.  Yesterday’s heavy rain and thunderstorms were the worst we’ve seen in a long time.  We had planned to visit Warm Springs and the Little White House, but changed our minds after seeing the forecast and consultation with Mike and Gerri Jones.  Good call, guys.  We are now rescheduled for Monday.

Way back when we stopped at the Georgia Welcome Station as we left Florida, we picked up a handful of brochures of things we thought we might like to do while in Middle Georgia.  One of those brochures was a description of the annual spring Peaches to the Beaches yard sale.  Since that day, I have been looking forward to this event.  In the words of the brochure, this is “a springtime tradition, running over 200 miles along Highway 341, from Culloden, GA to Brunswick & the Golden Isles.”  I had visions of parking the car in downtown Perry and walking about 3 miles down one side of the street, crossing over, and walking back along the opposite side.  I could not imagine the treasures I would hear calling my name along that stretch of pavement.

We headed out about 9:30, but as we approached the downtown area I began to become suspicious.  Crowds is what I expected to see, but there was no one milling around.  We were able to get a parking spot within a few yards of the booths.  We got out of the truck armed with a wad of cash and an empty backpack.  What we found was one city block of booths.  The street had been closed to traffic and booths had been set up by anyone wanting to sell anything.  There were maybe 30 booths all together.  Most were selling what you would expect at a yard or garage sale--old clothes, shoes, children’s toys, tools, and small kitchen appliances.

I went in search of wine glasses and found one to add to my eclectic collection.  Gene discovered a booth selling baked goods and purchased a single serving sized buttermilk custard pie (what I call a pielet).  I didn’t think it tasted as good as what I make, but, then again, I may have been a tad prejudiced.

I evidently misinterpreted that “200 miles along Highway 341” part of the brochure.  Apparently, each town or community along the designated route has its “block” of yard sale booths.  I was terribly disappointed.  Oh well, I found a treasure anyway.

This afternoon we drove over to Warner Robins to visit the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB.  They had several planes on display and 3 aircraft hangers of exhibits.  Even though my dad is retired Air Force and my brother is a civilian employee at Robins AFB, I still have to say that the Naval Museum in Pensacola outshines the Air Force on this one.
Boeing B-1B Lancer

Circle of Flags

That’s it for today.  Gotta get busy with dinner.

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