Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Service Completed

Well, we are once again at Nashville Country RV Campground in Goodlettsville.  Our service appointment went well and they were finished in one day.

We are both really tired today.  I guess all the hitching and moving (4 times in 3 days) has taken it’s toll on these old bodies.  After we got back and settled into Nashville Country this afternoon, we did a major grocery run.  That is always a chore and was the straw that about broke my back today.

We have another busy day planned for tomorrow.  In the morning we are going to REI, one of my all time personal favorite stores.  Sometime about noon, our good friend and hiking buddy, Herb, will meet us there and then we’ll find some lunch.  Although we have contact with Herb via e-mail and the telephone, there is nothing as good as sitting down to eat together.  We’re looking forward to that.

After our lunch with Herb, we’re heading over to my parents’ house for the remainder of the afternoon.  I’m quite confident we won’t leave before dinner.  We haven’t seen them since Christmas, so naturally, we’re looking forward to seeing them.

That pretty much catches up the past couple days.  Time for me to get busy with dinner preparations.

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