Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perry, Georgia

This has been another fine day in Georgia.  The temperatures are cool, but the sun is shining.  Boy, does that make all the difference in the world.

This morning, Gene took the truck in for an oil change and I spent the time relaxing with a book in hand and the cat in my lap.  It was a fine morning.

After lunch, we drove the couple miles to downtown Perry to do the self-guided walking tour of the historical district.  Perry is a small town of about 11,000 in what all the Georgia tourism brochures call Georgia’s Historic Heartland.  The tour began at the New Perry Hotel which is so old now that it needs a facelift.  We walked up and down the streets looking and reading about the older homes in this area.  Most were in very good condition and looked well cared for and loved.  The same is true a couple blocks over in the business district.
Boyhood home of Sen. Sam Nunn

Confederate Monument

What finally caught our attention was the number of structures which had been used as funeral parlors.  It seemed like every other building had, at one time or another, been dedicated to the service of the dead.  On Carroll Street, the Toomer Building had been build in 1905 as a merchandise store with living quarters upstairs.  In 1915, it too was converted to a funeral home.  Pay particular attention to the photo.  Those two large, bay-type windows on either side of the double front doors were where the dearly departed were displayed for all to view.

Cooper-Evans home
You may be wondering why, since I claim to be from Nashville, that my brother and his family are living in middle Georgia.  My brother is younger than I and when he graduated from high school my father was stationed at Robins AFB in Warner Robins.  My brother married in Warner Robins and never left.  His boys were both born there and thus they all live in the area to this day.
Toomer Building

General Eli Warren Home
This evening we all gathered at Ben and Amber’s home for a great dinner together.  It was go good to see Eric and Leigh Ann and Ben and Amber.  Haven’t seen them in over a year.

That’s all for today.  We are without a plan for tomorrow.  We’ll pick something from our list in the morning.

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