Monday, March 8, 2010

Days Like That

We have spent the past two days catching up on household chores and relaxing.  We have been so busy checking things off our list since we arrived in Georgia, that we were craving some down time.

Everyone pitched in to help with dinner
Yesterday, after a morning and early afternoon filled with the routine chores that go along with maintaining a home, I baked a couple chess pies to contribute to our evening meal at my nephew’s home.  Ben prepared a fantastic meal for us of grilled steaks, fresh broccoli, and risotto.  Since we had munched on my brother’s speciality, stuffed jalapeno peppers, along with clam dip and chips before the meal, by the time we left we were all full enough to pop.

Mike and Eric
Even though we stayed home most of Sunday, we were still very busy.  This morning when I got up, all I wanted to do was sit in my recliner.  I finally rousted myself into motion by mid-morning and went out for a short walk around the campground with my hubby.

Ben and Amber
Our afternoon has been almost as uneventful at the morning. We went shopping for a new phone, but after browsing through the Verizon store and chatting with the sales representative, we decided to put that purchase off for a little while.  We bought a few groceries (not at the Verizon store, but at Kroger next door) before coming home.

That’s pretty much it and I don’t anticipate the evening to be more than a quiet dinner followed by a little TV.  Sometimes, we just need days like this.

Tomorrow, I am taking my brother for his doctor’s appointment in Columbus.  The rest of the week is rapidly filling up with a variety of things.  Wednesday, we plan a visit to Warner Robins and more eating with my brother and his boys.  The weather doesn’t look to promising for Wednesday, so we may not get much sightseeing done.  Friday, we are driving over to Pine Mountain to meet RVing friends, Mike and Gerri, for lunch followed by a tour of FDR’s Little White House in Warm Springs.  Saturday is the first day of Georgia’s longest yard sale--Peaches to the Beaches.  It goes right through Perry.  The search will be on for wine glasses.  I hope I don’t have to walk all the way to the Atlantic Ocean before I find some I like.

Enough of this rambling.  I’ll get back to my relaxing.

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