Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Rainy Day Here in Georgia

I have heard the same thing over and over from my friends today--it’s raining and I’m cold.  For those of us who have traveled north from the not so warm south have really noticed the difference in temperature.  The forecast doesn’t appear too promising for the next couple days.

Gene didn’t feel to perky today, still suffering with a sore mouth from several shots of Novocain and having his mouth open for several hours yesterday afternoon.  With his unperkyness and the lousy weather, it was a day to stay inside.  He kept himself busy with a tax return and I got a little ahead with my meal planning and cooking for dinner tomorrow.  This afternoon we went out briefly to Camping World; then it was home for a nice nap.

Not much to report today so I’ll let this be it.  We’ll get out and about tomorrow.

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