Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunch at the Boarding House

Well, we got the rain that was predicted, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  We’ve had good weather for a week so I can’t complain about the rain today.

Gene and I met Mike and Eric at Owens Boarding House for lunch today.  I’ve heard Mike talk about this place for years and never had the opportunity to eat there.

The Boarding House is located just off 1st Street in Warner Robins.  1st Street is just like most 1st streets across America--in a run-down, neglected business/industrial section of town.  From the outside it doesn’t look like a place you’d even want to go into and it certainly doesn’t look like a restaurant.  At least not until you get to the parking lot and smell the fried chicken.

Inside, there are two large spaces--the kitchen and the dining room.  The dining room is set with four long tables each surrounded by about 24 old fashioned ladder-back chairs.  The tables are covered with red checkered vinyl tablecloths and there is a plate and fork at each chair.  Just sit down wherever there is an empty chair.

Ordering is easy.  You have a choice of water or sweet tea.  That’s it; everything else is on the table.  On the table today (and being replenished regularly) was fried chicken, ham, potato salad, green beans, boiled cabbage, macaroni and cheese, turnip greens, field peas, butter beans, cornbread, biscuits, and a big pan of banana pudding (the real kind with cooked pudding and meringue).  You just eat until you can’t hold any more, stay as long as you like, and visit with your table mates.  When you’re ready to leave, you take you plate, fork, and glass up to the small window at the kitchen, pay $8 at the door on you’re way out, and waddle to your car.  Incredible.

The Boarding House is only open for lunch Tuesday thru Friday, but they do a steady business during that short period of time.  And no wonder; it was some of the best down home, Southern country cookin’ I’ve had in a long time.  Thanks Mike or Eric or whoever it was that suggested we go there today.

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