Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doing the Grandparent Thing

Like everybody else on the road for extended periods of time, we were eager to see family.  Yesterday, we got to spend much of the day babysitting our granddaughter, Kayley.  She has changed so much since we last saw her in December.  There is really not much more that can be said about our day--just that it was wonderful.

This morning will be a time for more detailed plans for our stay in Nashville as well as the next leg of our 2010 journey.  As many of you know, I have had a goal to hike all the trails in Smoky Mountain National Park and have worked on accomplishing that goal for several years.  As a part of our training for the Appalachian Trail section in Virginia, we had planned to spend April in the Smokies.  Most of the trail that I have left to hike is on the North Carolina side of the mountain.  To our dismay, the rock slide on I-40 which occurred in late November, has still not been cleared and the interstate is still closed at the TN/NC State line.  We have been putting off our decision of driving around by way of Chattanooga to get to the other side of the mountain, or just going to Townsend and not hiking trails I need to complete my goal.  We need to make that decision today.

This afternoon, we will again spend time with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley.  We want to take advantage of the weekend because they, like all working couples with small children, are far too busy during the week to entertain guests.

With that said, I’ll get my calendar out along with the long list of things that we need and want to do for the next month or so.  Have a great day.

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