Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tending Peanut

The Peanut was greatly improved this morning and seems to be feeling better as each hour passes.  He still has “sick eyes”, but he is eating, drinking, and beginning to act more like himself.  He is not well, yet, but is definitely on the road to recovery from whatever seemed to have been his problem.

About mid morning the phone rang and I was quite surprised to learn it was the vet who had attended Peanut yesterday.  She was just calling to see if he had made any improvement overnight.  How nice.  It did, however, confirm my impression that she thought he might not make it.  The call was thoughtful, never-the-less, and we really appreciated the gesture.  In all my years with pets, I have never had a vet make a follow-up call.  Kudos to Dr. Gordon at Blue Mountain Animal Clinic.

Not wanting to run off and leave the sick one alone, we opted to hang around the old home fires today.  Having done most of our chores yesterday, other than a load of laundry, we have had the day to relax.  Our friends, Tony and Diana, came over about mid morning to pick our brains about where to find what around town.  I guess in RVing circles, if you are parked some place for 10 days you become the “expert” on the area.  I’m not sure they got the information they were seeking, but we sure had a good time talking and laughing until early afternoon.

If the Peanut continues to improve, tomorrow we will be out and about again.

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