Sunday, August 16, 2009

Barnes Creek Trail

We found a nice little hike for today.  Our trailhead was located behind the Storm King Ranger Station, only about 15 miles from our campground.  We got a relatively early start--so early, in fact, that it was still quite chilly out.  We started out with ear bands and gloves.
One of many small cascades along Barnes Creek

From the trailhead we followed Hwy 101 for about a quarter mile before we turned away from the road and into the woods.  After a mile, we came to the very popular trail to Marymere Falls.  Our hiking guidebook suggested we just forget going to the falls because they were always so incredibly crowded.  We didn’t want to skip them altogether, but we did save it for the return trip.  We continued to follow Barnes Creek for 2 more miles crossing Barnes Creek once as well as a couple tributaries.  Lucky for us, there were footbridges for crossing.  We found a nice spot by the creek for our break and a little time to bask in the glory of the creation before turning around and heading back to the truck.

A great spot for a break

On our way back, we stopped at Marymere Falls.  The falls did not have as much water in them as many of the falls we have seen lately, but they were very tall, plummeting some 90 feet which made them pretty spectacular.  However, the guidebook was quite right--it was very crowded.  There was one large group of older teenagers who appeared to be without adult supervision.  The guys jumped the fence and scrambled down the hill to get close to the pool.  Aside from it being obviously dangerous, they were also contributing to the destruction of the beauty of this special place.  Where are the rangers when you need one?
Marymere Falls

At home now and having had our showers, we are prepared to while away the evening in our recliners.  Ahh, life is good.  Thank you, Lord.

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