Thursday, August 13, 2009

Port Angeles, Washington

Port Angeles is a small town with only about 20,000 residents, but it is one of the largest of the small towns on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula.  We went downtown for a quick look around this afternoon.  The main “old town” district consists of about two square blocks along Front and First Streets.  In contrast to Sequim with its more trendy boutiques and coffee houses, Port Angeles features antique and second hand stores.  Our major finds were two very nice bookstores, one selling both new and used books.
One large ship in the Port of Port Angeles

We also found a very nice sports outfitter.  One of the Brown brothers at Brown’s Outfitters checked us out after Gene found some waterproofing solution for our boots.  Four generations of Browns have sold merchandise of one kind or another from this same downtown store for the past 96 years.  Now, there’s some history.
Sculptures around town were donated by local artists

We strolled along the waterfront down by the ferry dock and then over to the Marina.  There was a small “mall” at the ferry landing, however, most spaces were empty.  I guess the shops here fell victim to the economy.

Perhaps the most important thing we learned today was to dress for any type weather.  When we left home we had sunny skies and temps in the low 70s.  Within an hour, a dark cloud had moved across the mountain and the wind sent temperatures plummeting.  Not having brought a rain jacket or umbrella, we waiting under the cover at the bandshell until the rain stopped.
Mural at the marina
From the kind volunteer at the Chamber, we got information on ferry schedules, farmer’s markets, seafood restaurants, and how to find the fish market.  Although I was a little disappointed with what is available downtown, we did learn alot about this small town we will call home for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we will probably be back at Olympic National Park.  Where will be decided in the morning.

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