Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photos At Paradise

We wanted to drive up to Paradise Visitor Center today.  Located at the base of the south side of the mountain you can’t get much better views of Rainier than from there.

We noticed on the map a small lake a few miles below Paradise Lodge on the newly opened road which we were unable to drive before.  That lake was labeled “Reflection Lake”.  Well, well.  That sounded like a photo op if I’d ever heard one.  The sun is on the mountain from this angle from dawn to dusk.  Given the fact that it will take an hour to drive over there, we decided a late afternoon photo shoot might be better suited to us than early morning.

So, we have had a hearty lunch and I’ve packed sandwiches for a picnic supper and we are headed out to tour the new Paradise Visitor Center and Gift Shop.  After that, we’ll spend some quality time with the camera, the wildflowers, the mountain, and Reflection Lake.

I’ll post the photos on this entry as early tomorrow as possible.

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