Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dungeness Audubon Walk

Well, I think we have survived another birthday.  Like I mentioned in my last post, we had chores on the agenda for yesterday.  I did most of my “to do” list, but the birthday boy elected to take it easy on his special day.  At one point, I even found him napping.  He got a few special treats--an omelet for breakfast, a batch of freshly baked cookies, and halibut for dinner.

Railroad bridge, part of Olympic Discovery Trail

Tony and Diana found a bird walk for our adventure today.  The Dungeness River Audubon Center sponsors a 2-hour walk each Wednesday morning.  We met a fairly large group at the Center this morning and were led on our walk by the Center’s director, Bob. We strolled along the Olympic Discovery Trail, which passes by the Audubon Center, with binoculars and cameras in hand and eyes and ears in search for birds.  We saw several; mostly what you might see in your back yard--chickadees, swallows, Steller’s jays, a couple of hawks.  Gene and I are not bird people.  We enjoy the birds and like to watch them, but we don’t have the binoculars or camera for viewing birds.  Nor do we recognize very many, especially not western birds.  The only bird large enough and close enough to be able to see through my camera lens was the California quail sitting on the fence by the Center.  We did enjoy the outing, though, and it was something different from our usual trek along a dirt trail through the woods.
Salmon hanging on the Audubon Center wall

Display of different types of nests
After our walk and a look around the Center, we left Tony and Diana to explore Sequim. We had been there last week and are planning to go again next week when my parents are here so we passed on that for today.  I am enjoying a relaxing afternoon while Gene is cleaning and waxing another section of the Everest.

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