Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Home for a Month

We got an early start this morning and were pulling out of our campground a few minutes before 8 AM.  We had an uneventful drive, which is always a welcome experience.  It was overcast for the entire trip and we ran in and out of a few sprinkles.

We arrived at our new home for the next month--Elwha Dam RV Park, shortly after noon.  It has very high ratings and from what little we have seen so far, it is going to be a great place to spend the next four weeks.  It is located about 5 miles west of downtown Port Angeles on scenic byway 112.  The RV park is bordered on one side by Olympic National Park.  Now, how convenient is that?

We are planning to use this location for our base camp to explore Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Victoria, British Columbia, and San Juan Islands, for a start.  About the middle of the month, friends will be here to share in some of our adventures, then the last week we are here, my parents will be coming for a visit.  We are looking forward to a very busy month.

While at Rainier, I didn’t do a regular grocery shopping run, just stopped in to pick up milk, bread, or some essential for dinner.  I tried to make what we had last instead of paying the very high prices at a small grocery.  That was the first thing we did today after we got here and got set up.  Another thing that I saved while at Rainier was the laundry.  I might as well have done it, however, because it is the same price here as it was at our last campground--$2 per load.

We are very excited to have WiFi at this campground and it works great.  Gene and I each have computers and sharing the air card is not something we like to do.

We did not have TV of any sort at our last campground and we survived the 2 weeks by staying in touch with what was happening in the world via the internet.  We were really looking forward to having TV here, but, to our dismay, it is only Canadian stations.  No Matt and Ann in the morning and no Brian in the evening.  Oh well, at least we have TV and it’s broadcast in English.  Have I mentioned that our DVD player doesn’t work.  We discovered that last week when we thought we’d just watch a movie.  Our warranty list is getting longer and longer.    

Tomorrow, we’ll get ourselves oriented and make a plan for our time here.

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