Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time Change and Thanks a Million

We were among those folks who changed back to standard time in the wee hours of the morning.  I’m not so fond of the idea of it being dark now about 5 PM.  Not only is it dark early, but the days will continue to get shorter for over a month to come.  On the other hand, it’s light out about 6 AM.  Morning person that I am, it makes me feel not so much like I’m getting up in the middle of the night.
Lights in front of Opryland Hotel

Anyway, I like this time change because I get an extra hour of sleep.  Well, in theory anyway.  The Peanut likes his breakfast about 5 AM.  That works out pretty well for him and I once we’re adjusted to the new time.  The first day, however, is a rough one.  I’ve been trying to adjust his internal clock a little all week.  He’s been doing great, but something went badly wrong this morning.  He thought 2:47 would be a good time for wake-up call.
One of the many trees inside the Hotel

Time is not the only thing changing around here.  I’ve been noticing for several weeks that Christmas stuff has been in the market place.  Holy cow, it wasn’t even Halloween yet.  Now that Halloween is past, all restraint has vanished.  Two nights ago I noticed the Christmas lights on at the Yogi campground next door.  I was just shocked and thought it in poor taste.  After all, we still have a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.  But it wasn’t just Yogi in the spirit early.  Opryland Hotel had their lights on last night, as well.  I’m jumping on this bandwagon.  I’ve got on my Christmas PJs.

Several bloggers among those I read do something I think is very nice.  They always recognize their followers as they learn of them.  I think for most of us, we write our blogs for the readers.  Sure, it’s a “journal” of our experiences and travels, but if it were just a personal diary, why make it public.  We do it for ourselves and we may have started out thinking it would be a great way to stay connected with family and friends, but as total strangers begin to follow along, the blog takes on a whole new dimension.  I, like all the other bloggers out there, truly appreciate our readers.

We have several followers and since I know who you are, I’ll call you by name.

Claudia at Silver Trails, George at Busters Travels, Bill and Helen, Donna and Russ at Travels in Therapy, John and Ellen at Connected to the Vine Photography, John, III at John’s Journeys, Judy and Emma at Travels with Emma,  Karl at Live Free and HIke: A NH Day Kiker’s Blog, Kenny and Angela at RV Life is Good, Mamabugs at Mamabugs Nature Photos, Mike and Gerri at The RV Life of Mike & Gerri, Mike and Peggy at Maineiacs in Motion, Nan and John, NWlambear, Rick and Paulette at Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels, Sharon at Gains and Losses: Life Through Sharon’s Eyes, Sue and Doug at Big Dawg and Freeway

We have many readers each day.  Some of you we know, but most we don’t.  We really appreciate you, as well.  Most of you have been with us for a couple years at My Trip Journal and have made the move with us to Blogger.  That took some effort and we’re grateful you’ve come along.

 I just wanted to say, “Thanks for tagging along.”


  1. fun tagging along with you!!..almost six pm..and it is dark already!!..hate it!!

  2. It's 9:00 and my body thinks it is almost time for bed. Gee! I guess I need to become more of a morning person. :-)
    It seems Christmas is coming sooner and sooner each year. I love this time of year so I won't complain. Opry Land is always decorated so pretty!!

  3. We just changed back to standard time too. The fall isn't too bad but the spring time change is awful. We've had Christmas merchandise in our stores here for several weeks now. And before Christmas is over there will be Valentine stuff out. I liked it when you enjoyed one holiday at the time! I so enjoy your blog and reading about your adventures. Hugs from Christine!

  4. If there is a time change all are the same day. Losing the evening daylight is the hardest part. Gaining morning daylight is nice but that is also going away until December 21.

  5. Didn't know you used My Trip Journal. I'm glad you switched. :)