Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hopscotching Around

We’re on the move, but we didn’t go far.  We left the KOA early this afternoon and moved next door to Camping World.  We still have a couple weeks to be in Nashville, so what’s going on?  Well, this is our story.

I may have mentioned before--we think KOAs are generally overpriced. They are almost always very nice campgrounds, but they are seldom our first choice simply because of the price.  So why do we keep staying at KOAs.  We stayed at the Nashville (Music City) KOA last fall when we were in town.  Last year, they were offering really great nightly and monthly rates because they were trying to build up their business after the spring flood and not all of their facilities were available.  This year, we were able to get a monthly rate which just barely fell within our budget.  The campgrounds on Music Valley Drive are the most convenient to the things we like to do and the family we have in Nashville.  With the free WiFi and cable TV at KOA, we decided to stay here this year, but only by the month.

We have also stayed a couple times at the KOA in Newport, TN.  Again, we rented by the month and the rates came in under our budget.

Now that we have less than two weeks before we’re heading south, we didn’t want to extend for a month and the nightly rate is outrageous ($57).  So, we’re gonna be hopscotching around the area for a couple weeks.

Tonight, we are at Camping World, tomorrow we’ll move north on I-65 to a small campground in Millersville.  We can get a Passport rate there for four nights.  Then we’ll be off to Columbia and the Meriwether Lewis Campground on the Natchez Trace for three nights.  It’s free.  They don’t take reservations, though, and the snowbirds are very fond of the free campgrounds along the Natchez Trace.  We’re hoping to get in.  That’ll bring us up to next Sunday--the week of Thanksgiving.  We’ll be moving back to town so we’ll be closer to the festivities.  We’ll probably stay at that campground in Joelton that I don’t like.  When we’re there for just a few days we are assigned a site near the front which is far better than the monthlies in the back.

We’re boondocking tonight, of course.  Haven’t done this in a while, but it’s fun for a change and Gene was excited to log a “free” night on his spreadsheet.  We’ll be back to full hook-ups at Millersville tomorrow, but then give it all up when we move to Meriwether Lewis.

So that’s our little dance for the next couple weeks.  We’re looking forward to moving around.  We’ve been parked in the same spot since the middle of September and need the change.  We have a bad case of hitch itch and that itch needs scratchin’.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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  1. Hopscotching, I can understand that. KOA
    yeas we have not stayed there since we started full timing (Keep On Adding) to their base rate $$$. Free is always nice for a night or two unless you are boondocking on BLM land in Arizona in the winter longer is ok.