Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Fun With Friends

Tony and Diana arrived Sunday afternoon and the fun, laughs, and conversation has not stopped.  We first met Tony and Diana right here on Music Valley Drive three years ago this month.  When they backed into the site next to ours we noticed an Appalachian Trail sticker on the back of their Born Free.  After they got set up, we went over to introduce ourselves.  There are some people with whom you hit it off right away and that was the way it was between us and them.  It was like we were instant good friends.
Olympic National Park, Washington

Amazingly, their travel plans for that winter and following summer were very similar to ours--Texas for the winter, the Good Sam rally in Albuquerque in the spring, and eventually Washington state before headed back east.  We arranged to meet up with them in Albuquerque and Port Angeles, Washington.  Since then, we’ve met two or three times a year, with the last being this past summer in Denali National Park and in Seward, Alaska.  Always, we have a wonderful time with Tony and Diana.
Baloon ride in Albuquerque

We spent our first full day together on a hike at Warner Park.  We did the Mossy Ridge 4.5 mile loop with a stop for a picnic lunch about halfway around.  We ended the day with a wonderful meal prepared by Diana.

Today, the Tennessee capitol building is on the agenda as well as the Parthenon at Centennial Park.  I know it’s gonna be lots of fun.

Gotta get busy now.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. looks like a great day for a hike!!!..nice to meet friends that you have so much in common with!!!..have a lovely day today!!!

  2. Glad you were able to get together with Tony & Diana, it's always nice to share with those you feel and immediate bond to.
    Hope you enjoy the Parthenon and Capital Building.
    You guys take care!