Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Move

We had a very peaceful night in the Camping World parking lot.  Even though it is located next to Briley Parkway, the outer loop around Nashville, traffic was very light and our sleep was not disturbed.  There were several rigs in the parking lot, so many in fact that it was almost full, but I think we may have been the only humans there overnight.  Apparently, all the others are waiting for service.

After worship service and an early lunch, we moved north a few miles to Nashville Country RV Park.  Music Country is located off I-65 just north of the very busy Rivergate area.  Shopping (grocery and the mall) is convenient, but the traffic is horrific, at least to us.  We’ve stayed here before and liked it, but it is a little far from family and other things we like to do while in Nashville, so it’s usually not our first choice.  Besides, the regular nightly rate is well over our budget and they don’t have a monthly rate.  If we were willing to sign on for a 3-month period, they have a good rate for that.  That’s a little long to commit for one place.  We usually get hitch itch in much less time.  Sunday through Wednesday they offer Passport America rate.  Now you’re talking.
The Office at Nashville Country RV Park

The park is small and old, but very well kept.  Even though there are some long term residents, it doesn’t have the feel of most other parks with rundown trailers with junk piled all around.  It is very neat and clean.
Our site in the 30 amp section

The park is small, as I said, and some of the turns are pretty tight, but adequate for big rigs.  There is a small pool, a small store and gift shop in the office, a laundry room, and LP gas on site.  We have a pull-thru site in the 30 AMP section with a wooden “patio” and a freshly painted picnic table.  The interior roads are paved and the sites are grass with gravel parking pads.
Most of the leaves are gone.  This tree still has a few hanging on.

We only had a few miles to travel, so we didn’t hitch up the car.  I drove the car and the Peanut road with Gene in the motor home.  Normally, on travel days, Peanut likes to ride in my lap.  When I’m not there I worry about him getting underneath Gene’s feet while barreling down the highway at 60 miles per hour.  He really is a good little traveler and today he was on his best behavior and didn’t cause any problems for the driver.

We got ourselves all settled in for a few days and then spent the rest of the afternoon in relaxed mode.  We had picked up a couple steaks for dinner and Gene was in charge of grilling.  He did a good job, but not without a couple glitches.  We’ve had some wind here today and lighting the grill was somewhat problematic.  Then, as luck would have it, the little 1-pound bottle of propane bottle ran out and he got to start all over again. Just another adventure in stoving for my stove obsessed involved husband.

We want to welcome our newest followers, Bill and Cap, of Views from the Open Road.  They are full-time RVers, as well. Plus, they enjoy tent camping and hiking.  I’m anxious to read some more of their blog posts and get to know them a little better.  Welcome, Bill and Cap.

I think that may be it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. Interesting read today. Looks like you had a long trip from KOA Campground to the Camping world parking lot.
    Glad you are settled for a few days...and the steaks turned out good. Don't you just love it when the propane runs out in the middle of cooking. It's happened to us too!

  2. darn propane is like they know when you are hungry and the wind is blowing!..enjoy your stay!..Peanut looks so cute!!

  3. We've stayed at Nashville Country RV, too. Nice park for a short stay. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  4. Looks like a nice little park. It seems that running out of propane while BBQ'ing is something that happens to everyone. I decided to buy a small tank with a gauge - we'll see if that works any better!

  5. Any chance you'll be coming east as you head south? I'd sure hoped to hike again before you guys leave TN. (Sorry, I seem to have lost your email address - I'm usually more organized than that! LOL!)