Thursday, July 23, 2009

Portland Fairview RV Park

This has been another day quite like yesterday.  Gene and I each found a chore or two to do, some internet surfing to do, and a whole lot of relaxing to do.  Two outings occupied a portion of the day.  This morning we sought out the local Target store to purchase another  decorative “over the door” hook to match the one we have in the bathroom.  Now we have a better place to hang our hats.  This afternoon, we spent a couple hours over coffee and books at the local Borders Bookstore.  This is one of our favorite things to do, but one that is often neglected in favor of hiking or sightseeing.

I realized last evening that I have failed to comment on this campground and we have been here almost 2 weeks.  Portland Fairview RV Park is located just off I-84 on the East side of Portland in the suburb of Fairview.  Being on the city bus and light rail line, it affords easy access to the city without the hassle of driving into a strange city and parking headaches.  Besides our plans to visit the city, we also wanted to hike some at  Mt. Hood.  Being on the east side of town gave us quick access to the mountain without having to drive across town.

P-F RV Park is very well maintained and is a delightful place.  It is really a very large park with nearly 400 sites, but it is built on 3 levels and thus doesn’t feel like so large a park.  We are parked on the third, or lowest, tier which is generally reserved for long-term guests of a month of longer.  The manager put us here to be near our friends who are workampers here.  Each tier has a couple of restrooms and a laundry facility.  Laundry is relatively close to everyone, but they also provide parking at the laundry for those who don’t want to walk from their site.  The clubhouse and pool (with water aerobics each morning) is on the upper tier and we have a hot tub on our level.  Between the second and third level is a beautiful shaded picnic area and the building housing the exercise equipment.  Behind this rustic building is a small stream which empties into a small pond, home of the resident ducks.

All interior roads are paved and all sites are paved with a paved extension for cars or trucks.  Each site is separated from the next site by a patch of grass which is watered and mowed regularly.  All sites have picnic tables.  Cable TV is available, but we are so close to a large metro area that we have gotten better reception over the air.  Free WiFi is adequate.  The only down side is the train, but we have gotten use to it.  That first night when we thought it might come right in the window was shocking.

Tomorrow--Camping World--8 AM.  I can almost predict it will be an all day adventure.

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