Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July in Port Orford

What a busy day, we’ve had.  And just too much fun.  The small town of Port Orford with it’s tiny population of just over 1,000 put on a huge celebration for the 4th.  To start the day off right, the campground was all decked out in red, white, and blue.  It had us seeing stars!

There were several activities “downtown” beginning on the 3rd and continuing through the 5th.  We selected a few things we wanted to do today plus a hamburger lunch sponsored by the Senior Center.

First on our agenda was the sandcastle sculpture contest on the beach.  Incredible!!  The best I was ever able to do as a child was pile sand on top of my foot to make a small cave.  These folks put some real imagination and creativity into their projects and came up with some very interesting sculptures--not your typical sandcastles.

Of course, the town had a parade.  We’ve been watching all week as the son of our campground hosts has been creating a pirate ship out of the park service cart.  It was a small parade, but participants and viewers were very enthusiastic and it was so much fun to be part of the small town “everybody knows everybody” experience.  We happened to be sitting on the sidewalk next to a longtime resident of Port Orford.  She spoke to everyone who passed and even got up to give a few a hug.

Hamburger lunch was next on the agenda.  The rest of the town gathered at the Senior Center for lunch, as well.  We saw several of our fellow travelers from the campground.  We made two more stops after lunch.  The first was at the library where local photographers had their favorite shots on display.  We went to see the photos, but were delighted to also find flower arrangements.  There were several roses, but there were also several wildflower arrangements.

Our last stop before coming home for a break was at the quilt show.  Most were new, but there were a few antique quilts.  All the quilts were beautiful.  It would be impossible to pick a favorite.  

We’re taking a break now, but after dinner will go down to the beach for the fireworks display.

Tomorrow, we are hitching up and moving up the coast about a hundred fifty miles for a short 3-day stay.

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