Friday, July 31, 2009

Cascade Peaks RV and Golf Resort

This has been one of those “stay and home” days.  We wanted a day off before a big hiking day tomorrow.  We had a few chores to do.  Gene did his first of the month chores--checked the house batteries, drained the fuel separator on the truck, and banking stuff.  He also spent some time cleaning the pine sap off the roof.  We love the shade of the trees during these hot days, but pine sap is everywhere.  I did a load of laundry, took a short nap, and read my book.  We went to the local market this afternoon for bread, cat litter, and napkins.  Somehow, ice cream got in our basket.

The heat has made for a challenging week for cooking.  The AC has struggled to keep this small space, which heats up like your car sitting in the sun, cool.  We are happy if the inside temperature is close to 80.  Since we only have 30 amp electricity at this campground, we can’t use the microwave/convection oven while the AC is running.  To run the propane oven or the burners for very long just compounds an already too warm for comfort situation.  Eating out is not much of an option since the closest restaurant is about 25 miles away.  We did stop one day at a Subway on our way home from hiking.  We had fish one night; it cooks quickly.  Today, I prepared pasta salad while it is still cool.  I’ll add some leftover grilled chicken and that will be just fine for our dinner tomorrow.  Tonight we are having leftovers which should heat in just a few minutes in the microwave.  Surely, if I turn the AC off for 10 minutes we won’t melt.

Now for a very few words about this campground.  Cascade Peaks is a Coast-to-Coast membership campground.  I don’t know all the details about Coast-to-Coast, and, if they are like other campground clubs like 1000 Trails, there are many different levels or degrees of membership.  Anyway, this is a Coast-to-Coast park with lots available for either sale or least with a membership.  Now if I were spending a few thousand dollars for a membership in a campground, I would expect a few things in return.  One thing I would want is full hook-ups.  The coast-to-coast lots here have water and electric only.

The sign out front advertises over 700 sites.  I’d say that is probably true.  This place is huge.  There are about 150 full hook-ups.  Gene called to make our reservation and specifically asked for a pull-thru.  He was assured that would be available.  When we got here, we found that there are no pull-thru sites.  Instead, the sites are back to back.  If there was no one in the opposite site, that essentially made it a pull-thru.  As it turned out, there were plenty of sites available, so we chose the one we wanted.  That’s right, the sites were not assigned.  Just pick one.  That was kind of nice because we were able to pick one with plenty of shade.

The campground is old, but under new ownership.  Well, the owner seems to have disappeared.  That may account for the large “FOR SALE” sign out front.  The laundry is small, only 4 washers and 6 dryers for 700 sites.  No adequate.  The bath house is old, needing new tile, sinks, and showers.  It could use a wet mop and hot soapy water, too.  There are two pools and a club house.  The club house is old, run down and dirty.

There is a golf course.  We’ve been here almost a week and haven’t seen anyone out there yet.  Of course, we’ve been on the mountain much of that time.

The full hook-up section where we are is completely adequate.  All the interior roads are gravel as are the sites.  But since it is an older campground, there are large trees and the sites are spacious with mowed grass.  They don’t water, though, so it’s not green grass.

We would stay here again if visiting in the area. However, I would never consider buying a lot here.

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