Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Laid Plans....

Yesterday and today have been days of relaxation interspersed with chores.  We have been hiking and sightseeing almost nonstop since we arrived in Portland after a pretty busy schedule at Salem.  We were in need of getting the heavy cleaning done, as well as a real grocery run.  With this daily activity routine for so many days in a row, we were also in need of some down time.  So we have actually enjoyed the past two days sticking around home.

We had taken showers this afternoon and were settling in for a relaxing evening.  Earlier in the day we had invited our neighbors over for a glass of wine and were looking forward to a visit with friends.  For some reason, Gene went outside and happened to notice water on the concrete below our rig.  On further investigation he noticed a leak.  A leak anywhere, whether in a traditional house or in an RV, is a significant problem.

Given the location of the wet spot on the concrete, we felt it was coming from the shower.  We had both just had showers, so that made sense.  We needed to know for sure where the water was coming from, so Gene took everything out of the basement and took the wall panel off to gain access to the plumbing.  Sure enough one connection along the drain pipe from the shower was wet and had dripped down to the flooring below.  The wet spot on the wood was small and did not look like it had been wet for an extended amount of time.  That was all good news.

However, a leak has to be repaired, so we set about task of determining what would be our best course of action.  As it turns out, there is an Everest dealer just down the street from our campground here.  They would be able to do this warranty work plus the other few minor warranty issues we have noticed since moving into the Everest.  After our friends left, Gene called the dealership and was able to make an appointment for next Friday.  Tomorrow he will contact the campgrounds we would have been going to this week and rearrange our plan.

Emergencies happen and we understand that.  No matter where you are in life, you have to make adjustments for unexpected events.  Still, we are quite dismayed and somewhat disappointed.  Gene, especially, worked many hours toiling over the maps and making phone calls to the campgrounds to arrange our stays for the time we would be in Washington.  Now he will have to call and cancel some and try to schedule different dates for others.

We can rearrange our plan and by doing some day trips from here, still get to see most of what we had originally planned.  All is not lost and it is certainly better to have found the leak earlier rather than later.

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