Thursday, July 30, 2009

Naches Peak Loop Trail

At Chinook Pass, the 3-mile Naches Peak Loop Trail is an easy walk with fantastic views of Mount Rainier.  We took this trail, like everyone else we saw today, in the clockwise direction.  The first half of the loop was along the Pacific Crest Trail (yes, this is the same trail we have hiked off and on since Lake Tahoe), then as the PCT split off to the left (southbound) the Naches Peak Trail turned back toward the parking lot to complete the loop.  It was along the second half of the loop, the Naches Peak section, that the mountain came into view and remained with us until we were back at the car.  We finished the loop by skirting along the bank of Tipsoo Lake at Chinook Pass.

The entire 3 miles of this trail was just breathtaking.  The photos don’t compare with the real thing, but they are certainly better than any words I can use to describe the awesome beauty of this place.

We drove back down the mountain to the Grove of the Patriarchs where we found a picnic table in the shade for our lunch.  We wanted to see the big trees, of course, so we did the short 1-mile nature walk through this old growth forest.

Grove of the Patriarchs

Plenty hot and ready for an ice-cold glass of tea, we jumped in the truck, turned the AC up as high as it would go, and headed for home.  Hopefully, this will be the last day for these record high temperatures and we will get back to something more closely resembling normal.
Small unnamed lake

We do not yet have a plan for tomorrow.

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