Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kicked Back and Relaxed

With a weather forecast for broiling, we decided last night that today might be a fantastic day to stick close to home (and the air conditioner) with nothing in particular on the agenda.  As is so often the case with our weather forecasts, they got it all wrong again.  However, our day at home was all that more pleasant with moderate temperatures.

We really didn’t have anything special to do today.  As far as I can tell, I got only one chore done, besides making the bed and getting dressed.  I defrosted the freezer.  Although it is my least favorite chore, it really isn’t so bad if the frost build up doesn’t get out of hand. I try to defrost once a month.  It takes about 20 minutes with a few helpful shots with the hair dryer.

While the Peanut slept this morning, I played with my computer some.  When I got the Apple, I also purchased an external hard drive for backup purposes, but also for photo storage.  I fiddled with that until I discovered how to retrieve just one photo instead of all the photos which had been backed up.  I also played around with “Keynote”, Apple’s equivalent to Power Point, a presentation software.

I’m not sure what Gene did this morning.  I did notice he still had his pajamas on about 10 AM.  He went to the grocery to pick up cokes and bread.  He came back with cokes and cereal.

The temperature was still in the 70s right after lunch so we both sat outside for a little while.  Peanut joined us until he got bored with just sitting.  He’ll get old like me one of these days and will enjoy just sitting.  As the temperature rose and the sweat popped out, I ran off to take a shower.

We actually have no plans for tomorrow, so it may be another day like today.  We do need to prepare to haul the Everest down the street to Camping World for the leak repair.  Since the leak is behind the wall in the basement storage area, we will need to move enough stuff out of the basement for the mechanic to have access to the plumbing.

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