Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vikingsholm and Emerald Point

I think we could save some time and energy and not plan hikes—just go with the flow.  Today, the hike we intended to do was near Tahoe City on the North Western shore of the lake.  As we were driving there, we came to a beautiful spot along the road and stopped to investigate.  Not only did we find gorgeous overlooks, but we also found the very popular trail to Vikingsholm, another summertime retreat for the rich and famous.  We couldn’t resist.

The half mile trail led down 400 feet from the parking lot to Vikingsholm which is situated at the back of Emerald Cove.  It was a beautiful 2-story stone and wood mansion overlooking a white sand beach and emerald-colored water of the cove.  Today, it is owned and maintained by the California State Parks and is open for tours (in season).  Since this is not the season, we just peeked in the windows.
Rubicon trail followed the shoreline

Boat camp about a mile from the house

If you continue on around the beach past the boat dock area, you come to the Rubicon Trail which leads along the shoreline past Emerald Point and on to the next state park—D.L. Bliss.  We followed the trail as far as Emerald Point (about 2 miles) and stopped there for a lunch break before heading back to the truck.
Emerald Point, our destination

Everything about today was fabulous—the weather, the hike, the views.  I have a feeling every hiking day here will be just as rewarding.

Emerald Bay, house is to the right in the trees

Tomorrow will be chore day for me and Gene is taking the truck for regular scheduled service.  It’s hard to say who will have more fun.
The only island in Lake Tahoe is in Emerald Bay

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