Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail

This is another glorious day in Nevada and we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and big blue sky to do a little hiking.  Being a holiday weekend, we wanted to get an early start to get ahead of the crowds.  We chose a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail which  was easy and quick to get to.  Just 15 minutes after getting in the truck we were at the trailhead.

Today, we parked on the opposite side of US 50 at the Spooner Summit trailhead which we have hiked a couple times.  Instead of heading north along the trail, we went south.  It was a steeper climb, the trail was more narrow, and less sandy.  However, the views were every bit as stunning.

Like we expected, there were lots of folks out enjoying the great outdoors today.  We got on the trail about 9 am and did not see anyone until about 10:30.  Once we saw one other person it was like the flood gates were opened.  Bikers are also allowed on this section of trail and we saw a few somehow peddling uphill.
Mule's ear, I think

The spring wildflowers are blooming and we saw several, especially mule’s ear.  In the wildlife category, we saw 3 or 4 lizards, a few ground squirrels, and I saw a coyote.
Thunderhead brewing

Friends we met in Santa Fe are passing through on their way to California.  We have dinner scheduled with them tonight.  It is always exciting getting together with friends and we are really looking forward to that visit.

Tomorrow will be a non-hiking day, but so far we have no plan.
Wildlife sighting

Continue to enjoy your holiday weekend and, if you get a chance, hug a vet.

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