Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Becoming Apple Literate

I consider this to have been a very productive day.

After breakfast and the morning stuff, I got the laundry going.  Here, like many places, there is a sign requesting you not to leave your laundry unattended.  I can get so much more stuff done if I can come back to the house.  However, I understand why they make the request and it gives me time to read or knit.  These are two things which are generally neglected during the everyday routine.  So I took my book and the laundry and had some quiet time to myself.  That’s never a bad thing.

Next, I turned my attention to learning about the photo software which came on my Apple--iPhoto.  I watched a few on-line tutorials then tried to tackle applying what I thought I had learned to a few photos which I had downloaded from my camera.  After a false start or two and a few bumps along the way, I managed to make some progress with the organizational features of the software.  At least, I think I can find what’s there.

I took a break to fix us a sandwich for lunch then Gene and I went to the grocery for a few items.  After I got those few groceries put away, it was back to the computer again.

The afternoon session was much more productive and rewarding.  I transfer a few pictures from a CD and without much difficulty got them labeled and sorted.  I even added locations to all the photos now on the Mac.

The day is almost gone and I am real tired of sitting in this chair.  I going to fix dinner (grilled salmon on cold pasta salad) and do the rest of my chores on today’s list.  I’d rather be up doing chores than sitting at this point.

Gene rubbed on the Everest much of the day.  He’s anxious to be inside sitting down for a change.

We have no plan for tomorrow, but we won’t stay at home all day.  That’s for sure.

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