Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comstock Country RV Resort

Today has been a little cooler than the past several with temperatures around 80.  There is also a nice breeze, so our windows are open instead of the AC running.

Gene was up and out early this morning taking the truck for its 60,000 mile checkup and scheduled service.  The downside for diesel engines is the expensive service.  The upside is their longevity.  We are hoping to get 300,000 miles out of this engine and we are very pleased with its performance.  Still, Gene barely escaped having a stroke when he learned the charge for today’s work would be nearly a $1000.  The dealership was good enough to bring him home and will come get him (and his checkbook) when the work is done.

I got out the vacuum cleaner—one of Peanut’s favorite pieces of equipment.  It’s funny about that cat.  With the Montana, I had an upright Hoover Wind Tunnel.  It was big and bad and made a tremendous noise.  Peanut, being deaf, never paid much attention to it.  If he was asleep on the chair, I could vacuum all around and he never woke up.  If he was awake, he would often follow me around thinking it was some sort of game we were playing.  Now, I have central vacuum and the only thing he sees is the hose and sweeper attachment.  He seems to be scared to death and runs to some hiding place where he will be safe.  All I can figure is that it must vibrate the floor more than the wind tunnel did.

We have pretty much settled in at this campground so I guess it is time I offered an opinion.  Comstock Country RV Resort is located on US 395 (Carson Street) about 3 miles south of the “downtown” area.  It is only a half mile from US 50 as it makes its turn westward toward California.  US 395 is a busy, 4-lane highway at this point so there is some traffic noise, but not as much as with an interstate.  There is only an open field between the campground and US 50.  Certainly no noise from that direction.  The entrance to the campground is from a dead end side street.  Although, this street is a dead end, after passing the campground the street leads up to Sam’s Club before turning to dirt and petering out in about a quarter mile.  In the next block along US 395 after the Casino is a strip mall with Wal-Mart, Borders Books, several boutiques, and several restaurants.  We feel like the campground is in a convenient location for a long term stay.
View from the Campground
There are about 130 campsites, mostly pull-thrus.  All interior roads are paved.  The sites are all gravel with no grass.  This is the desert, after all, and it would be incredibly expensive to keep grass growing.  I much prefer gravel to dirt which is easily picked up and deposited inside my home when it is windy.  Every site has a tree or two and that makes up for no grass.  Every site also has a picnic table and a concrete patio area.  The sites are wide enough so that you don’t feel crowded in on your neighbor.

We have free cable TV and free WiFi which is adequate for surfing and posting photos.  The laundry is about the best I’ve seen.  There are 10 washers; plenty for the number of sites.  There are only 8 dryers and 2 of those do not get real hot.  However, those 2 are clearly marked so you know to only put in a light load or delicate fabrics.  It is very clean.  I have not been in the bath house.  I suspect is it as clean as the laundry facility.  There is a nice pool which won’t be open until this weekend, and a nice hot tub.

There are several rigs set up in a more permanent fashion around the campground, but all are well maintained and don’t have a lot of junk littering the site.  Many actually look very nice with their patios decorated with pots of flowers.  We have not seen any attached wooden decks.

The rates are about average for this area--$35 plus tax/night.  The monthly rate, however, dropped down to $15/night plus electricity.  We are very happy with our service here and will come again if in the area.

If we get the truck back today, we will find something more exciting to do tomorrow.

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