Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Computer

I had one task in mind for today--get a new computer.  Several months ago, one of the hinges holding the monitor onto the keyboard of my Dell came apart.  Since then, I have handled it with kid gloves and it has managed to stay together.  A couple weeks ago, the CD drive decided not to work.  Since then, I have coaxed it to write documents and photos I have made recently, but I don’t trust it not to destroy a CD that has any data on it.  I have also been getting error messages when I try to shut down.  These have been like flashing lights telling me it’s time for a new computer.

When we were in Las Vegas, we happened across an Apple Store.  Being a retired middle school teacher, I spent years with Apple computers.  We found one in that store that I liked and I have had it on my mind ever since.  It was easy to find the Apple Store in Reno and that is where we headed this morning.

We had a long Q and A session with Brian and after Gene handed over the credit card, we came away with a new computer. Mission accomplished!

I have spent the better part of the afternoon reacquainting myself with the Apple software.  What fun.  Over the next few days, of course, will be the task of moving documents from the Dell.

Tomorrow will be another hike, probably along the Tahoe Rim Trail.  That will mean a very early start in an attempt to avoid the holiday crowds in the parking lots.  We’ll see how the new computer handles the photos I take tomorrow.

If you are traveling this weekend, please be safe and have loads of fun.

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