Friday, June 11, 2010

Candy Hill Campground

This has been a day of rest and short walks about the campground.  That’s a great improvement over the total bed rest of yesterday.  By the end of today, I was able to walk around the entire campground.  I’m on the mend.

Since I spent so much time touring the campground, I thought this would be a good time to post the photos I’ve taken since we arrived last week.

We are very happy with this campground.  It is family owned and they are out and about almost constantly.  The facilities and grounds are very well maintained.  Most interior roads are paved and many of the sites are concrete pads.  We happen to be in a row of gravel sites.  The campground sits relatively close to US 50, which is a heavy traffic area, but we are back far enough in the campground not to be disturbed by that noise.

The laundry is adequate and the pool is nice.  There are several things for younger campers--a nice play area, a game room, and bike rentals.

They seem to be well equipped for rallies.  There is a large pavilion and they even have a trolley which can be rented by large groups for outings.  The Maryland chapter of Good Sam club is having a rally here this weekend.

The Rock Harbor Golf Course is just across the fence.  Across the other fence are the cows.

A couple of our neighbors
The rates are a little pricey on an average, but within line of all the other campgrounds in the DC area.  There were only two things we were disappointed with.  There is no cable TV.  We get everything we watch over the air except for NBC.  The other disappointment was WiFi.  The campground offers WiFi for a fee.  Since we have an air card it is really not an issue.  But we do have to share and we don’t share well.

That’s all I know about Candy Hill Campground.  All things considered, we like it here.

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