Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Service on the Everest

I am happy to report that almost all those things that were not working properly, fell off during the trip from Washington, or were otherwise broken are now fixed and in proper working order.

Like an automobile, RVs go into the service bay for repairs rather than the service man coming to you.  Of course, there are mobile repair services, but for our warranty work we needed to take the Everest to an Everest dealer.  The closest one was in Columbia, south of Nashville.  Our appointment was at 10 AM, so we were in the tail end of morning rush hour traffic.  Traffic thinned out south of the city and we had a pleasant ride on into Columbia.

Since we purchased the Everest in Albuquerque in April we have been compiling a list of things that needed attention.  About a month ago Gene emailed the list to the service manager and he ordered all the parts which we needed.  Even though our list was pretty long, most everything was minor and they were able to complete all our work by mid-afternoon.  The only thing which didn’t get fixed was the hinge on the cabinet.  Keystone (the manufacturer) had sent a door hinge instead of a cabinet hinge.  It is really a simple task, so when the cabinet hinge comes in we will pick it up and install it ourselves.

The dealership was small and didn’t have the waiting rooms like large dealerships or Camping World, so we drove over to McDonalds.  We spend some time in the truck with the Peanut.  For lunch we went to Cracker Barrel.  We had heavy rains this afternoon, but they had passed out of the area by the time we were hitched up and driving back through downtown Nashville.  Thankfully, we were just a little ahead of the afternoon rush hour.

We are once again set up in the site we left this morning and plan to stay here until after the holidays except for a short trip to the Smokies the first of November.

Not a very exciting day but certainly one that needed to the done.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny; we’re planning another hike.

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