Monday, October 19, 2009

Doing What We Do Best

As you can imagine, we went to sleep last night thinking of Kayley and awoke with her occupying the first thoughts of the day.  Mom, Dad, and the baby are all doing well; for that we are thankful.

We wanted to be in Nashville, especially for the birth, but also to be available for all those sometimes little, sometimes big chores that need to be done that the new mom and dad don’t have time or energy to do.  If you know us at all, you know we are handy at getting chores done.  Perhaps that is our calling.  One thing is for sure--we have been called into service.

Yesterday afternoon after leaving the hospital, we stopped by Jack and Ansley’s to run the vacuum and take care of anything that didn’t get cleaned up from the bonfire the night before.  We also took care of a little laundry.  Now the house is all ready for the family to come home.  Hopefully, that will be tomorrow.

This morning, both Gene and I tried to get caught up with the things which were on our own lists that didn’t get done yesterday.   Our home is also spic and span, we have a full tank of propane (we’ve used a lot these past few cold days), the hinge on one of the cabinets got a shot of WD-40, and we have a fresh batch of cookies in the cookie jar.

This afternoon, we had to get another granddaughter fix.  Kayley slept through our visit.  It was good to see Ansley talking, laughing, and eating--generally feeling better than yesterday.  Jack is real pleased with what he is calling the “free” hospital meals.  He’s hoping to stay an extra day so he can try more of the menu items.

This evening, we are planning a quiet evening at home watching the travel shows on PBS.

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