Thursday, October 1, 2009

The End of This Journey

Well, now that we are back in Nashville, I guess that means our West by Southwest journey is over.  Looking back over what we did and comparing that to what there is to do, we’ll be making that loop again some day.  You just can’t get it all done in one trip.

That was our second trip to Washington (having stopped there for a few weeks on our way home from Alaska in 2004), but we love it so much, we’ll definitely be there again.  Even though we weren’t thrilled with south Texas, we certainly want to investigate the northern portion of that huge state.  By no stretch of the imagination can you say we did Arizona justice so we’ll definitely have to go back there.  Seems like Gene and I have this conversation about every place we visit.  It is a testimony to this great country we live in and the innumerable places to see and things to do.

I have struggled over the past couple years with the format I want for our journal.  Being the type A personality I am, I like the idea of each destination being neatly catalogued in its own journal.  However, I am also envious of those many friends and acquaintances who have started a journal and continue to post to that journal as the years go along.  That method seems to depict our lifestyle better.  We’re not on vacation to a particular destination.  Rather for us full-time RV travelers, we’re wanderers following the sun in the winter and seeking those cool climes in summer, with a visit to our hometowns periodically. We go where the notion sends us generally without a firm agenda or time restraints.

Therefore, beginning with a post for today, I have started a new journal--Scratchin’ the Itch--which I anticipate will go on for some years.  We sincerely hope you will follow our journey, wherever it may lead us, and for however long it takes to get that itch to travel out of our systems.

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