Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Busy Sunday

Well, this has been a non-stop day.  Almost immediately following breakfast, Gene went out to rub on the Everest some before it started raining.  Meanwhile, I did a few house keeping chores inside and tried to catch up on e-mails and other computer stuff.  This campground doesn’t have WiFi, so Gene and I have to share the air card.  It’s hard coordinating that schedule sometimes.

Clothing sorted by size
We had an early lunch, then headed over to Ansley’s so Grandpa (or Big Dad as he wants to be called) could finger all the new baby things.

moss on Mossy Ridge Trail
Even though it was raining we wanted to get in a hike this afternoon, so from Ansley’s we went to one of our favorite parks in the city--Percy Warner.  We did a 4.5 mile loop along Mossy Ridge Trail.  As the name suggests, there is a large patch along the ridge which is covered in moss.  For the past several years, the moss has been brown and dry because of lack of rain.  That has not been a problem this year with rain several days a week and the moss was thick and lush.

Dinner was not a disappointment--BBQ ribs from the grill, baked sweet potatoes, green beans, baked pears, and brownies with ice cream.  Yum, Yum.

This day just about wore out these two senior citizens, so that’s all for today.  We’re off to beddy-bye.

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