Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Matters

The agenda for this weekend is all about family.  This is the way it is every year when we get back to Nashville.  We are so anxious to see everybody that we can’t see everybody for trying to see everybody.  We just love it!!

Tomorrow, we are scheduled to have dinner at my parents’ home.  This will be the first time over there since Christmas.  That really seems a little strange to say since we used to go at least once a week.  At least we had the opportunity to see them when they came for a visit while we were in Washington.  We enjoy going over there to eat.  My mother is a great down home country cooking cook and if she has a speciality, it is pie.  We have our fingers crossed.

Even before tomorrow gets here, I can already tell you that the highlight of the entire weekend was Ansley’s baby shower this afternoon.  The big event was hosted by her mother-in-law and a large number of family and friends gathered to shower the mother-to-be with everything she will need to take care of the baby.  In fact, she got so much stuff, I’m not sure where she’s going to put it all.  I’m quite certain that if she were to change the baby into a different outfit every hour of the day, she will have plenty to last until kindergarten.  It was thrilling to see Ansley opening all those gifts.  It is also thrilling anticipating having a baby in the family real soon.

Before going over to my folks for dinner tomorrow afternoon, we are going over to Ansley and Jack’s so Gene can have the thrill of seeing all her stuff.  I think he may be the one who is excited the most about “his granddaughter”.  He wants to be right there in the big middle of what’s happening.

These are busy times, but what could be better than being with family.

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