Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Very Rainy Day

We finally got the rain the weather forecasts have been predicting for the past 4 days.  It started during the wee hours of the morning and has rained all day.  It is still raining and, if the forecasts hold true, will continue to rain throughout tomorrow.

So what do you do with house guests on a rainy day?  We stayed in, mostly.  We got a little restless about mid day and took a short drive up the Elwha Valley, stopping at Madison Creek Falls, at the dam at Lake Mills, and at Observation Point which overlooks the lake.  The views were not as good as on those sunny days when we were here before, but it was an opportunity to get out of the house for a little while.  On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks hoping a hot cup of java would dissipate the wet chill in our bodies.

My mother has succumbed to a cold.  By late this afternoon, she was really feeling the effects.  I hate that she feels so miserable.  I’ve sprayed down everything and wiped off all the surfaces with disinfectant wipes.  Hopefully, no one else will get sick.

We definitely have a mouse.  Gene has put out traps, but no luck yet.  It seems to be contained inside the cabinet in the kitchen.  We are guessing that it got in by way of the drain pipes running from the sink.  It doesn’t seem to be inside the cabinet during the day (or at least when there is anyone moving around nearby), so it may be traveling between the basement and the kitchen.  Gene has traps in both locations.  We noticed wood shavings on the floor this afternoon.  Apparently, it wants out and is attempting to do so by gnawing a hole under the bottom drawer.

Wonder what surprises lie in store for tomorrow.

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