Monday, September 14, 2009

Sheridan, Wyoming

Another travel day and another 275 miles down the road.

I will have to say that I-90 across Montana is a very good ride, especially the eastern 250 miles.  Maybe it is because there is no body out here to drive on it.

We are parked at Peter D’s RV Park tonight.  How could we not with an advertisement which read “Peter D’s has nutritional value.  If you don’t stay, Pete don’t eat.”  Mrs Pete checked us in.  She said that this advertisement has brought in hundreds of customers, many of which bring Pete canned goods.

The RV park is nothing special.  It is right off the interstate, has gravel interior roads and sites, each site has a small patch of grass that would be green if it ever rained.  There’s not a tree in sight.  But it suits our needs for a place to stay for the night between two driving days.  We don’t have a generator so we needed the electricity for air conditioning.  It is better than being at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Tomorrow will be another travel day which will put us in Custer, South Dakota where we will stay for several days.

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