Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beaman Park Hike

After having done only about 3 hikes so far this month and really beginning to feel out of shape again, we decided it was high time to get back with the exercise program in earnest.  There are several city parks in Nashville, as well as one state park and a rather extensive greenway system.  We have no excuse for not getting out for a nice walk or hike at least three times a week.

This morning we chose to go to Beaman Park.  It is the newest of the city parks and happens to be the closest to our campground.  The land (some 1600 acres) was donated to the city by the Beaman family several years ago.  A “friends” group was promptly established and through their diligent efforts and the help of Tennessee Trails Association, they now have a new visitor center, two paved trailhead parking areas, and three trails on the ground.  Having been involved with a few outings organized by TTA long before the park was opened to the public, it does our spirits good to see how much progress has been made over the past 10 years or so.

We enjoyed a quiet walk today, only seeing two other hikers and a jogger on the trail.  The hardwood forest is still green, but has put on that yellowish cast which signals the beginning of the fall color change.  We saw far more mushrooms than wildflowers.  There were a few purple asters around and one bursting heart.

About the end of our hike, we happened up 4 mounted metro police officers.  Boy, was that a surprise.  Talk about patrolling the trails.  We’ve seen park rangers on patrol, but never the city police.  We chatted with them for several minutes, before heading on to the truck.

We were home in time for a Whitt’s turkey Barbeque sandwich for lunch.  This is a local barbeque favorite and I just love it.  Available in pork, beef, or turkey, we usually get turkey.  It somehow makes us feel we are eating healthy.  Now that I have a larger freezer, perhaps I can remember to stock up before leaving town on our next journey.

Jack and Ansley are coming over to see our new home on wheels.  Like nearly everybody else, they’ve only seen it through the few photos posted on the blog.  We’re anxious to show it off to them.

So far, we don’t have a plan for tomorrow.

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