Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello, Montana

We got another early start this morning; this time just before 8 AM.  We quickly left the mountains of western Washington behind and enjoyed the rolling farmland of central and eastern Washington.  Idaho brought the mountains again.

The 300 miles of I-90 across Washington was a pleasant drive.  Of course, there were areas of construction, but those didn’t slow us down much and the majority of the road surface was in excellent condition.  This same highway through Idaho was not in a good condition and there was a large area of construction on the eastern side of the state.  The road surface further deteriorated as we rolled into Montana.  I hope that is not an indication of the next 500 miles.

Our campground, Campground St. Regis, is a Good Sam park and is very nice.  It is a relatively small campground with less than 50 sites, but very well maintained and the sites are large and grassy.  We are tempted to stay a while, at least one more day, but we must be moving along if we expect to have any time to spend at Mt Rushmore and the Bad Lands.

Tomorrow will be another travel day.

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