Sunday, September 6, 2009

Down Time

Saturday, we enjoyed a much needed day of rest.  That seemed to be a good choice since rain showers filled the morning.  However, this morning, with rain coming down pretty steadily and a forecast of 100% rain today, we may have lost the last good day for any outdoor activity.  Still, we all needed a rest and that was, I guess, the best thing for yesterday.

We headed to Sequim about mid-afternoon to walk around town a bit before going to dinner.  Surprisingly, many of the shops along the main street were closed.

Our dinner last night at Three Crabs Restaurant was delicious.  This small waterfront restaurant has come highly recommended to us by locals and with good reason.  Hanging on the wall as you enter the front door are the “Best Northwest Seafood” awards for several years running.  Gene had prawns which were very good; my folks and I had crab cakes which they proclaimed also as being excellent.  I’m not a crab cake lover, so I was a little disappointed.  Our friends, Tony and Diana, had eaten here last week, sampling both the chowder and fish and chips.  Each got excellent reviews.

We’ll see what we decide to do today.  This may be another stay-at-home day.  My parents are not used to quite so much activity day after day.  They seemed tired and are sleeping 10-12 hours a day.  Mother is, I think, coming down with a cold.

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