Saturday, March 10, 2012

Perry Georgia for the Weekend

We are now in Perry and all about fun with family.  We arrived Friday about mid-day after a relatively short and uneventful drive from Hahira.  We got into a little rain and a little road construction, but neither lasted very long.

Our campground for the weekend is Fair Harbor RV Park.  This is a huge park on the west side of I-75 from the Georgia Fairgrounds where so many RV rallies are held.  The Passport America rate is $22 per night which is about the same as their regular weekly rate.

After a quick lunch we were off to the local grocery to pick up items for dinner.  My brother came over to share that with us and we had a great visit.  Along with catching up on tales of our lives and family gossip, Mike shared an equinox experiment with us that he had seen demonstrated recently.

I’ve heard of standing eggs on end on the vernal equinox.  Something to do with gravity and the spin axis of the Earth supposedly makes it easier to balance any object, not just eggs.  Even though it is still more than a week until the first day of spring, our experiment seemed to prove this theory.  Mike stood the broom out in the floor and it reminded standing without any means of support.  Even with the sway of the motorhome we could move around a little bit without the broom falling over.  It remained standing all on its own for about 30 minutes until we got tired of looking at it.  Too weird or too cool.

This evening, we’re all gathering at Ben and Amber’s home for dinner.  Mike is the chef for tonight.  I volunteered to bring along Jalapeno poppers for our appetizer.  They’re not difficult to make, but are a little time consuming when making enough for a crowd.  They’re pretty popular in our family, so I bought 15 peppers.

When working with jalapenos, it’s best to wear disposable gloves to protect you hands from the oils which can really burn, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Remove the stems and slice each pepper in half lengthwise.  Remove the seeds and cut away that white, fleshy membrane inside.  There are many different stuffings, most with a cream cheese base, but I like to keep it simple.  For a little crunch, I put some toasted slivered almonds in the pepper then fill it with cream cheese, wrap in bacon, and secure with a toothpick.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.  The toothpick might not be necessary, but I think it keeps the bacon in place while it cooks. I take the toothpicks out before serving; I don’t know why.
All ready to take to Ben's for baking.
We want to welcome a couple new readers.  The latest is Cool Judy and her husband, Luke.  They are very involved with Escapees Birds of a Feather Boomers group.  We ran into Judy and Luke at Denali National Park last summer.  Also tagging along is the author of the blog, Encourage One Another.  I couldn’t find a name associated with that blog, but he/she is doing a great job of encouraging their readers with short inspirational stories.  Keep up that good work.  Welcome, y’all.  We’re glad to have you tagging along.

Posting this early today so we can scoot on over to my nephew’s.  Will probably be posting early tomorrow, as well.

So, that’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. Those poppers look really yummy!!

    I need to meet Cool Judy someday .. I understand she is from Cool, CA. I have relatives on my mom's side from Cool. Pretty place.

    Safe travels to you both!

  2. Those poppers looked terrific! I could easily 'pop' a few of those!

  3. Tony and I can attest to just how scrumptios those poppers are! Judy made our gourmet dinner for us the night before departing Bushnell and these were on the menu! Yum! Thanks again Gene and Judy! diana