Saturday, March 24, 2012

Creech Hollow Trail

This is the weekend and that means family stuff.  This afternoon we drove up to Joelton to visit with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley and then went out to dinner.  Yesterday was a big day for little Miss Kayley--she got her first haircut.

This morning we had time for a short hike.  Creech Hollow Trail is easily accessed from the campground so that’s the one we chose.  Creech Hollow trail is listed as 1.7 miles in length and we figured we added another half mile or so for the access trail.  We often hike Creech Hollow, but I don’t think I’ve ever hiked this trail without also doing one side or the other of Montgomery Bell Trail.
Canoe on Creech Hollow Lake
The Montgomery Bell Trail is a 10.5 mile loop.  Creech Hollow Trail serves as a connector between two sides of the Montgomery Bell Trail forming a figure eight.  Because there is parking at various places along the Montgomery Bell Trail, Creech Hollow actually creates two 6-mile loops out of the Montgomery Bell Trail.
I'm lovin' my new pack
It was a cool, overcast morning, but still pleasant to be outside.  Again, we were thrilled with the display of wildflowers.  We continue to see anemone and continue to be puzzled as to which it is--rue or false rue.  We also came across a vine today that we haven’t been able to identify yet.  We’re almost positive it’s some sort of pea, probably a vetch, but which one we have not a clue.
Vetch, maybe? 

Anemone--rue or false rue
We’ve had a busy day and now it’s time for bed.  Tomorrow--more family stuff.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for tagging along.

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  1. Can you post something about your pack, I haven't been able to find a day pack that I like.