Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today has been a very relaxing day.  We’ve had several chores to do--just the regular stuff in preparation to move, but we didn’t get in a hurry to get anything done.  Work a while; rest a while.
Pawpaw tree in bloom.  Never seen this before.

One of our chores took us to Wal-mart.  While there, I looked at the Kindles and Nooks.  I’m pretty old fashioned and not taking to the latest and greatest technologies very quickly.  However, a girl could go broke buying books, so the readers are appealing.  I’m fond of recycling books and frequent used book stores, flea markets, and especially the small libraries we find at some of the campgrounds to search for my reading material.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find more recent releases.  I suspect it’s because so many folks have gone to e-books.

I’ve been thinking about a reader since Christmas, but haven’t really delved into the research.  I have spoken with several people who have one or the other, I’ve looked at them at Target and Wal-Mart, and Ansley has shared the information she has gleaned from her extensive research for her own choice in a reader.

For me, I just want to read a book.  I don’t want a computer. I don’t want a phone.  So, the IPad and Kindle Fire that will do everything including practically fix dinner for you I don’t want. (Well, if they actually cook, maybe I’ll reconsider.)  I want to be able to borrow books from the library, primarily.  I’m getting pretty serious about it now, so the search, and research, is on.

Mike and Peggy came over for a few minutes this afternoon.  It is so nice having them in the campground.  Even though we wanted to hog all their time, we let them do their own thing this morning and get their chores done.  They invited us over for dinner this evening.  Muffulettas--yum, yum.

Tomorrow morning we’re heading east to Cades Cove campground in Smoky Mountain National Park.  It occurred to me today that we may not have cell service there.  That means, not only no phone, but no MiFi service either.  We’re gonna be totally disconnected--no electricity, no water, no sewer, no TV, no phone, no internet.  This may be the last time you hear from me until Sunday when we leave the Park to meet friends for lunch.  We’ll see what happens.

‘Til then, thanks for tagging along.


  1. You guys have a safe travel day and enjoy Cades Cove! It is a beautiful place to spend some time in the spring. Can't wait to see your pics!!

  2. Muffalettas? Those look familiar. As for an ereader, it doesn't make much difference if you get an entry level Kindle or Nook. Check out to see if your library has an account with them. Then you can check out what's available to check out. We bought Nooks because Kindle didn't access EPUB books. Now they do, but ever since EPUB opened to Kindle there are a lot more people viaing for books so we have to go on the waiting list more often.

  3. I have a kobo..which is like a nook..but you know I still prefer the real thing!..nothing like actually turning the pages!..oh and then there is my little piece of heaven..going to Costco to peruse through all the books!..or Chapters too!..

  4. I'm sure every library system is different, but I bought the Nook with the same thought you had, and ended up returning it unused because when I went to reserve books the wait was unbelievably long! Three months later I'm still getting emails about reserved ebooks trickling in one every couple of weeks. Until the demand catches up with the availability I'll stick with walking into the library and being able to pick as many books as I want and walk out with them that day!

  5. We're heading to the Smokies soon also! We won't get there until April 18th, if I remember correctly. Post about any special trails you discover while there!

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