Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weird World 2011

Before 2011 gets too far away, I want to share a few shots we got during our travels last year.  Naturally, we all try to catch that perfect “kodak moment”.  We are always on the look out for that one special thing that represents the essence of our day, or trip, or adventure.  Occasionally, we find things that make us laugh out loud or drop our jaws in astonishment.  These things we’ve dubbed “weird world”.  Here are our Weird World photos from 2011.
Cat recipes?  Really?

J.O. Cafe, Savannah, GA

At an Oklahoma Rest Area

Enjoy and thanks for tagging along.


  1. life is filled with 'signs'..sometimes we obey and sometimes we don't!!

  2. What fun sights!! Look forward to seeing what you find for 2012!!