Friday, January 13, 2012

Trying To Stay Warm

It’s winter in Tennessee.  The cold temperatures, wind, and snow blew in just as predicted yesterday afternoon.  Let me just say right up front that this particular Class C was not built for winter weather.
Something just ain't right about having snow on your RV.

I’ve posted a lot about the advantages of our small motor home, but this is one case in which the 5th wheels were much superior.  On both of our 5th wheels, we had the cold weather package thus they were far better insulated.  We’ve also noticed in the Class C that we have a lot more condensation during cold weather.  My theory is that it is because there is so much less space and thus less air to absorb the moisture.  Our habits of cooking, showering, and breathing have not changed, but we have an incredible amount of condensation.  That condensation has all frozen on the inside of our windows.

Part of our problem is propane.  We figured we had enough to get to Saturday, our day of departure, but when the weather turned cold, we revised our plan.  We are now planning to leave this campground today and move over to one of the campgrounds on Music Valley Drive.  That’s where we have to go for propane anyway.  Now, however, the roads are somewhat hazardous to travel.  We’re still planning to make the move today, but will have to wait until afternoon when the temperature gets above freezing.  So, we’re being kinda conservative with our propane and don’t have the furnace cranked up to hot.  Not having portable propane tanks is another one of those disadvantages of motor homes.

My folks are still doing well so we’re still planning to head south.  However, we’re now thinking we may wait until Sunday morning to leave Nashville.  We had wanted to get to Perry, GA to have dinner with my nephews.  We’ve learned that Sunday is not convenient for them, so now we don’t need to rush for that deadline.

So, we’re preparing to move over to Music Valley Drive and on a more positive note--the sun is peeking through a few holes in the clouds.

Thanks for tagging along.


  1. You guys need to move south as soon as possible - but then you knew that! See ya soon.

  2. Brrrr....those pics look cold!! Glad your father is doing better and your mom is too!! So glad you were there for them. I remember doing the same for my mom and dad....sure do miss them.
    You all stay warm. I think this cold snap is just passing through...hope so anyway!!

  3. Sure hope it warmed up enough for you to get moved safely.

  4. If you had an Extend-A-Stay or a Stay A While fitting on your propane tank you can hook up a portable tank for ease of refilling.

    See about 1/2 way down on our Mods page

    Dee and Mike

  5. With the extend a stay you also need a place to put the extra blttle.

  6. Sounds like cuddle time to me...

    Safe travels.