Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sumter Oaks RV Park

Finally, we’re here.  We arrived at Sumter Oaks Escapees park about noon yesterday.  For the third day in a row we had great driving weather and a nice ride down I-75 to Bushnell, Florida.  We got checked in and mostly set up in our site where we expect to stay until the FMCA rally in early February.

We have a large site on the end of a row at the edge of the park.
No one in front of us or to the right.

We stayed at this park several weeks last winter.  This is the place with the sand hill cranes roaming around between the RVs.  It’s a typical Escapees park with the daily 4 pm social hour to meet and greet new folks coming in and get caught up on all the park news, Saturday morning breakfast, Sunday ice cream social, and numerous craft and activity groups which meet during the week.

We met several folks last year and have seen them from a distance already this year.  Naturally, we’re anxious to get reacquainted with them.  Our friends Tony and Diana are here.  We’ve caught up with them several times this year--twice in Alaska and most recently in Nashville.  Also here are those Maineiacs in Motion, Mike and Peggy.  It was great to see them again and are looking forward to spending some time with them.  We last saw them at their home in Topsham, Maine in 2010.  Ron and Penny, whom we got to know last winter and have stayed in contact with throughout the year, are also here.
Diana and Penny

Ron and Tony

Mike and Peggy

Tony and Diana had a little welcoming party for us at their rig and invited Ron and Penny, and Mike and Peggy.  So the fun and fellowship has already begun.  Diana also prepared a wonderful travel day meal for us last night.

There are several things we want to get done while here.  Do you remember Vern, our handy-dandy mobile RV repair guy from last year?  Gene is hoping to have Vern do a couple things for us, primarily find and fix that persistent leak.  Warm, sunny days are also good for cleaning the outside of the rig.  We’re also anxious to get in some hiking.  The Florida trail system is pretty extensive.  Gene ordered maps and has already picked out several hikes.

Today, my plans are to get caught up on routine household chores that didn’t get done while we were traveling.  Gene is planning to contact Vern to set up a schedule with him for the repairs.  We’ll, of course, be visiting with friends while enjoying the nice 70 degree weather.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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  1. Can I say jealous??? My parents arrived at their winter home in Englewood last week and now you guys. Fortunately, our weather here is not stopping me from hiking. At least so far......