Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Last Day in Seward

What a beautiful day!! Someone said there are only three days of summer in Alaska.  We have been blessed to have enjoyed all three of them this week as we sat here looking out on Resurrection Bay.

Fish weir
This has been a very lazy day for us.  This morning we went up to the Bear Lake fish weir.  The sockeye are running and we saw several jumping--some successful and some having to try again.  We kept a close eye out for the grizzly which has been seen in the area, but if he was there, we didn’t see him.

This afternoon, we went to the shops around the harbor and then downtown in search of the Christmas gifts.  We’ll call this mission a success.

Since we were out, we just kept going toward the end of the road.  The pavement ended and we kept going.  Finally, we got to a place on Lowell point where we had to turn around--the end of another road. In a way, it’s kinda sad.  When we leave here in the morning we will be starting our long ride home.

Tony and Diana took advantage of the glorious day for their cruise of Kenai Fjords National Park.  They left early and were out all day getting home just in time for dinner.  Gene and I had picked up some fresh halibut while we were out for a last dinner to share with good friends.

Waterfall on the way to Lowell Point
I’ll let that be it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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