Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just to Catch Up

Well, to say the least I am frustrated with the internet connection.  This morning we loaded up computers and headed over to the library in Homer.  This is a very nice facility which is certainly geared toward technology.  If it weren’t so convenient to have everything you need right there in your home, I’d come over here every day.

Chocolate Lily

Electricity is another factor playing a role in my frustration.  As you might imagine, I make several photos everyday.  Weeding through those to pick out the best takes a considerable amount of time.  Then there is the second pass to get everything labeled.  If I don’t do that right away, I forget what’s what and where’s where.  The third pass is to select the few photos for the blog.  All that time just drains my battery.

I’m happy with my battery.  I can get a couple hours out of it before it turns red to warn me that I only have an hour left.  That’s much more than what Gene gets on his battery.  However, when it comes to writing a blog and organizing photos, that’s not much time.  The slow internet connection just compounds the problem.

Homer Small Boat Harbor

Recharging takes about the same amount of time.  We usually run the generator for an hour a day, so I’m not recharging as much as I use.  I’m good for about three days, then I need a long period of time with electricity.

Two Sister's Bakery

While I was trying to post last night, I lost my connection altogether.  So, I have uploaded the rest of the photos I meant to include on yesterday’s post.  This post is to upload the things I’ve left out this week to conserve battery power.

Pratt Museum in Homer

Over breakfast this morning, we discussed a short term plan and have come up with the following ideas.  We’re going to stay two more nights in Homer then drive north to the city of Kenai and beyond to Captain Cook State Recreation Area. This was not on our agenda, but several have told us how nice it is, so why not just go check it out.  After that, we’ll go over to the other side of Kenai Peninsula for a few days in Seward before heading eastward.

This will be it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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