Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Drive to Sewarad

We were anxious to start our drive toward Seward this morning.  Capt Cook State Recreation Area just didn’t do it for us.  This is the first place in Alaska in which we were disappointed.  As soon as breakfast was over we were busy getting ready to move.

Our drive from the end of Kenai Spur Road to the end of Seward Highway was both a beautiful drive and a hectic drive.  The ten or so miles from Capt Cook to the small town of Nikiski was a fairly rough ride.  That didn’t get us off to a good start.

Once we made our turn onto Sterling Highway and were headed toward Seward we had numerous rivers and lakes which are just lovely.  We were also getting more mountain views which are our favorites.  However, that stretch of Sterling Highway between Kenai Spur Road and Seward Highway is very curvy and narrow.  It’s also a hot spot for fishermen so the traffic was, as usual, heavy through that section.

After we made the turn onto Seward Highway and headed south it was smooth and pleasant driving the rest of the way.

We made one stop and that was at Tern Lake.  The lake is named, I’m sure, for the many arctic terns which fish it’s shallow water.  We saw many today during our short break.

We have arrived in Seward and plan to be here three nights.  Our friends, Tony and Diana, will be joining us tomorrow.  We are parked in the municipal campground right on Resurrection Bay.  I’ll have to admit this is much prettier than where we were on Homer Spit.  More about Seward tomorrow.

GAS REPORT:  We filled up this morning in Nikiski at the local Tesoro and paid $4.14 (diesel was $4.52). This is the cheapest price we’ve seen since we got to the Kenai.

CRITTER COUNT:  We saw a moose this morning.  That’s the first one we’ve seen in a long time.  We’ve seen a lot of wildlife, but not nearly as much as we did during our trip in 2004.  We’ve heard other people say the same thing.  One new friend we’ve met this trip has been to Alaska five times and he also thinks his wildlife sightings are down from previous visits.  Besides the terns, we’ve seen a sea otter in Resurrection Bay and several cormorants.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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