Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Day in Homer

I had thought we’d have some time to relax a little while here, but yesterday turned out to be yet another busy day.  Several folks told us there not much to do in Homer, but we can’t seem to get it all done.

Before going to the library yesterday we stopped at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center again.  There is a short loop trail there which we wanted to do.  From the Visitor Center, it goes out on the wetland of Beluga Slough to Bishop Beach then back to the Visitor Center.  It’s very short--less than a mile, but offers the opportunity to see the slough up close.  This is where we saw the cranes the other day and they were out again yesterday, but way on the other side.

The trail goes right by Two Sister’s bakery.  Since Two Sister’s is always crowded and it’s difficult to find a place to park, I thought it would be good to park at the Visitor Center and walk the trail, stopping for coffee and pastry along the way.  Next time we’re in Alaska, we’ll do that.

Our library experience was so good, we’re back today.  We also lucked into a book sale.  I think we’ll get to leave today without spending any money, but yesterday we bought 4 books.

We walked along the spit yesterday afternoon.  I’m still looking for those Christmas gifts.    I’m making some progress with that project.  The shops along the spit fall into three categories--gifts, fishing charter companies, and restaurants.  In the gift category, there are a couple of what I call “T-shirt” shops with T-shirts, sweat shirts, and trinkets with the word “Alaska” or “Homer” somewhere on them.  The majority of gift shops on the Homer Spit are high-end, quality merchandise, mostly handcrafted by local artists.  There were some really beautiful things and I could have spent a ton of money, but alas, I live in an RV and like my home, my purse is very small.

We were not the only ones on the spit shopping yesterday.  The wind came up and blew the water into some kind of maddening rage.  So much so, that the charter companies couldn’t take out their fishermen.  It was a beautiful blue sky day and the wives of all those fishermen wanted to be out and they had obviously drug their husbands along with them.

After we had wadded through the crowds for a couple hours and fingered all the merchandise, we stepped into the Salty Dawg.  What husbands weren’t standing around the shop fronts were crowded in the saloon all talking about the 25 foot waves and hoping to go fishing on Friday.

Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center

Since this was to be our last night in Homer, we decided to go to Captain Patties for dinner.  Everybody in town had the same idea.  We had an hour wait, but it was worth it.  Of course, Homer is famous for its halibut and that was what I intended to get--fried, of course.  It was so late by the time we were seated that I decided to get the jumbo grilled shrimp instead.  I was not disappointed.  Gene got the fried halibut.  He was not disappointed, either.  Never fear, I’ll have my fried halibut again before we leave the state.

Looking out over Beluga Slough

We had planned to leave today and head up to Capt Cook State Recreation area, but last evening Cool Judy (the same Escapees Forum Cool Judy) stopped by to invite us to go out to dinner with them tonight.  Might as well stay another day.  We’ll go to Capt Cook tomorrow.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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